The story so far

Creativity and creative activities have always existed in Crawley.

Creative Crawley is a group of people and organisations working together to support, produce and present high quality arts and cultural activity in Crawley, West Sussex.

Following a public consultation by Crawley Borough Council in 2019 led by our Creative Caretaker, Louise Blackwell, a group of local arts, community and business leaders  mobilised and raised some money to  build new partnerships and produce a festival which happened in January 2021.

As a result of that work, we have proved the need for a new organisation to exist in the town to connect creative people, develop audiences and enable creative activities to take place in the town on a regular basis. We are therefore now in the process of applying for charitable status.

‘The Team’ listed in our ‘About’ section as Trustees are the group of people that will lead the charity (when and if status is granted) and represent a range of different sectors, skills and knowledge. They are high quality leaders in their fields of business, education, community, youth, arts and culture (both professional and voluntary sectors) and will ensure the highest quality creative work is able to exist and connect with people in Crawley.

Louise Blackwell, Creative Caretaker, with those listed as Trustees and the Advisory group have volunteered their time to get us to this stage. Louise was paid on a project basis to produce the Right Here Festival thanks to funding from Arts Council England. She is currently being paid by Crawley Town Centre Business Improvement District to deliver a programme of work in the town centre on behalf of Creative Crawley. It is intended that once the legal entity is in place for Creative Crawley, this contract will be transferred to Creative Crawley and Louise will become the Creative Director of the newly formed organisation.

Our aim is to produce a year round programme of creative activities that takes place in many spaces and places across the town and involves local, regional, national and international artists working in both the professional  and voluntary industries for the benefit of the public.