Figs in Wigs’ Astrology Bingo

This is a past event

Astrology Bingo is the world’s first ever* cosmic game show for astrology lovers, bingo wingers and their sceptic friends. 

It’s a cabaret and games evening hosted by Figs in Wigs. in collaboration with Crawley legends The Posh Club.

The night revolves around a bingo game in which participants count their lucky stars and play bingo with their astrological birth chart!

Alongside the bingo games is an programme of performance inspired by astrology, the cosmos and space featuring cosmic performances by Figs in Wigs and their special guests. There will be songs, cabaret, dancing and a prosecco bar.

*remember time is a construct and everything is always happening and has already happened and will happen.

Thursday 25th January 2024

7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

Broadfield Community Centre

£5/£3 (includes a free drink)


Instead of numbers you’ll be counting your lucky stars! That’s right, each player will receive a unique bingo card tailor made from their personal natal horoscope. There are big prizes to be won, and let’s face it, you’ve got nothing left to lose… and everything to win!

Each player has a bespoke astrology bingo card which shows which sign every planet was in when they were born, it’s like a snapshot of the sky the moment they entered the universe.

Figs in Wigs then call out different combinations of planets and signs eg ‘Sun in Aquarius’ or ‘Moon in Virgo’ and the players dab it out on their card when they hear a match. The first player to dab out all of their signs shouts BINGO and wins!

With stellar performances from special guests that are totally out of this world, we’ll literally be bringing the stars to your eyes.

Where was Uranus when you were born?

About Figs in Wigs

Figs in Wigs are a UK based female led performance company. For the last 10 years they have been making semi-epic, genre-bending performance that sits somewhere in between live art, music, theatre, comedy and dance. They make work collaboratively with a DIY approach – they write, direct, choreograph, compose and perform all of their creative output.

Their work is recklessly joyful, highly visual and unashamedly revels in tackiness and trashiness. With an irreverent sense of humour we use puns, bad jokes and pop culture references to charm and disarm audiences of all ages.

To see more about them, visit their website

‘Boisterously charismatic… radiates charm, fun and irony… practically radioactive.’ – The Observer ****

“The darlings of the alt-cabaret scene” Johnny Ward, Queer Guru

Image credit: Rosie Collins