Gillie Kleiman’s friend

As part of our Spring Give it a Go season; Choreographer Gillie Kleiman is working with  5 local people who are not professional performers to do a dance performance in their own homes.

Performers will learn and develop a solo dance by working through packs of posted materials as well as online conversations with Gillie, her colleagues, and the other performers. Each version of friend will be the same as the others at the same time as being specific to the performer.

Performers will meet once a week online for 7 weeks from the beginning of January 2024 to develop their performance and perform it in their own homesat the beginning of March 2024.

Local professional creatives will be able to meet Gillie in a special workshop on Sat 9th March in person, in Crawley. More information coming soon.

To find out more  watch the Gillie and Louise (from Creative Crawley) tell you a bit more about the project here: