Graphic Rewilding: Crawley Town Centre

With Crawley Town Centre BID we have commissioned Sussex based artists Baker & Borowski to create a unique mural in Crawley town centre. It was installed in October 2021.

The aim of the project is to bring some colour and joy to Crawley town centre  in the often gloomy winter months of Nov – January.

Baker & Borowski is an artist-curator partnership between sculptor and placemaking specialist Catherine Borowski and painter and music producer Lee Baker. The duo are on a mission to bring unexpected eruptions of art into the everyday urban landscape. They say:

‘The goal of this project is create large scale artworks that introduce the diversity and colours of the natural world into urban environments. With these images we hope to inspire and encourage people to connect a little more with nature. By removing these flowers from a natural context, the glorious shapes and colours of the flowerheads in perspective with all context removed provides a complex non concrete energy, with one foot in abstract minimalism, the other in still life.’

Artist Lee Baker says:

‘When we started Graphic Rewilding, we dreamed of doing whole street giant flower takeovers, and now in Crawley we’ve been given the opportunity. Our intention has always been to bring the explosive colour and joy of nature into urban environments and we wanted to imbue the street with sumptuous seasonal atmosphere.’

Can you find the mural and the trails of it around the town centre?

Thanks to Marks and Spencer, Crawley, Crawley Borough Council, West Sussex County Council and Crawley College for hosting the artwork.

Images by Baker and Borowski.