Stories of Strength exhibition trail

Crawley Town Centre BID and Creative Crawley have collaborated to bring the town centre to life through a range of arts and cultural events across the year with their Enliven  Crawley programme. The first season launched in August 2021 with a photographic exhibition trail in shops, banks, the museum and other buildings in the town centre celebrating the strength of people in Crawley.

Created by Charmaine Childs from Strong Lady Productions, Enliven: Stories of Strength  supports people to identify and celebrate their own stories of strength. As a circus strong lady, Charmaine has spent over 20 years touring internationally and performing ‘Feats-of-Strength’. This project explores the powerful ways in which we all perform feats of strength in our own lives – it is a celebration of stories of resilience, perseverance, determination and vulnerability.

Charmaine spoke to 20 people in Crawley from students at Crawley College to people in County Mall or at the Museum. Each portrait tells a different story of strength.

There are 20 portraits to find in 16 windows and businesses around Crawley Town Centre. Have a look at the map above to find them or take a wander around town to discover them all.

Can you find them all? Let us know when you spot them.

Hint: some locations have more than one portrait.

You can also listen to all the stories (with subtitles) here,  if you are unable to come into town or would like to hear the whole story rather than an extract on the portraits.


Image by Jessica Hand

Map by Ben Lintott